The Accessory Homes Act (S4547, A4854) would direct local governments to legalize accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in all areas that are zoned for residential use, thereby providing extra income for homeowners, new affordable housing, reasonable protections for tenants, and new tax revenue for local governments. The bill is backed by a diverse coalition of housing nonprofits, tenant activists, policy organizations, fair housing and immigrant justice organizations, and more, including:

Asian Americans For Equality
AARP New York
Allied Community Enterprises
Basement Apartments Safe for Everyone (BASE) Campaign
Center for New York City Neighborhoods
Chhaya CDC
Citizens Housing and Planning Council
CNY Fair Housing
Coalition for Community Advancement: Progress for…

Accessory Dwelling Units, Banned in Some Localities, Would Offer Income to Homeowners, New Affordable Housing, and Integration Benefits

Illustrations of different types of accessory dwelling units.
Illustration credit: “Be My Neighbor,” Regional Plan Association.

Albany, NY (January 27, 2021) — A landmark bill to legalize Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) across New York State is being introduced by New York State Assemblymember Harvey Epstein and New York State Senator Pete Harckham. ADUs are smaller homes on the same lot as a primary residence — including familiar home types such as “in-law units,” garage conversions, and basement apartments. By giving homeowners the opportunity to create ADUs, the bill will give critical help to both homeowners and renters. ADUs allow homeowners to bring in extra rental income, while growing the tax base for local governments. ADUs create…

New York ADU Legalization

A coalition of housing and integration advocates fighting for the Accessory Homes Act in New York State.

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